Why is tantric massage healing?

Physical touch is highly beneficial and pleasurable. Our hormone levels bring feelings of calmness and joy. There are various types of touch, but one is the most effective. Even more when we connect it with erotic spark.
Erotic massage bratislava can perform a small miracle to show you, how an intense release looks like. Our everyday life is full of emotions, positive and negative. We absorb all kinds of energy. Our energy should be regularly cleared.

The old tradition of tantra, which is based off an ideology and religion of Hinduism, deals with cosmic principles of duality. Masculine and feminine energies are in everlasting connection in the process. They are an important part of sexuality. When these energies are pure and healthy, they have a healing influence one over another. How it looks like in practice?

príjemná ženská tvár

You feel arousal when you see a beautiful woman or man, you find their touch, attention and presence enjoyable. Tantric massage is done by a professional masseuse or masseur by your choice. The client is a receiver of his/her energy. In addition, he is enjoying the calm music, touch or even food that is involved in the process. The procedure is erotic as well as sacred. It has a deep, spiritual meaning. The private aspect is significant.

muž a žena
The salon in the centre of Bratislava offers first-class service in a clean and discrete surroundings. Men, women and even couples are welcome. There are various types of tantric massage you can enter. From classic to mutual body tantra (client is more active than in regular situation), love game tantra or romantic tantra, 4 hands tantra. The most exclusive is a secret dark tantra or euphoria tantra. If you love being surprised and challenged, try it. Everyone can choose what he finds the most suitable and erotic for him, her or them. At the end of the nice time with your masseuse/masseur, you will receive a gift. Professionals in Tantra Diamond Bratislava take care of your comfort.

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